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Before you consider buying a business, contact the best business broker in West Palm Beach, Don Dillon. Don has been serving the Palm Beach and surrounding communities for over twenty five-years, assisting top professionals in the process of buying and selling business in the local and surrounding areas. Don is skilled to assist you in all of the legal and tax matters that face those buying and selling businesses in Florida. Don Dillon will help you to be aware of the legal requirements, and licensing requirements on buying a business in Florida, and will support you in a smooth, successful, and efficient process. When buying your business and working with the best business broker in West Palm Beach you should consider the four main entities  that govern your business buying process and what will best serve you in your new company:

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. General Partnership
  3. Corporation
  4. Limited Liability Company

Sole Proprietorship

If you will be the only owner of your business, plan to own all of the company’s assets, and have complete independence from other governing bodies, sole proprietorship may be for you. In a sole proprietorship you will have the responsibility of making all decisions by yourself or with the aid and support of the best business broker in West Palm Beach, Don Dillon, or those on your own Board of Directors (should you choose to establish one). Don will consult with you, educate you on legislation impacting your decision, and aid you in establishing yourself as the sole proprietor, consult with you regarding government rules, protecting your business from liability and incapacity, as well as areas in which to pursue funding support to establish and build your business to success.

General Partnership

If you are entering the process with a partner and you plan to share in the business equally or with specific ownership by shares or holdings, Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, will guide you in the set-up, legal and social implications of partnership, as well as provide general counsel to establish your business. Through contract negotiations, delegation of responsibility, the distribution of labor based on your skill sets, respectively, and a protocol for managing asset to debt rations, Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, will partner with you in the process of establishing and developing a meaningful, functional, and exacting plan for your business success.


If you are developing a corporation to protect the assets and holdings, managing interests, and partnerships under the umbrella of a defined corporation, Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, will guide you through the process of purchasing, registering, publishing, and declaring your corporation to be statutorily accurate and within the legal guidelines of the state of Florida and local governing county boards. With over 20-years of experience in consultation and aid to business owners, Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, will ensure proper filing of corporate papers and provide access to a solid and dependable panel of attorneys that are committed to your success, managing and profiting in your business.  The legal support at BrokersBiz will guide you in establishing your Board of Directors, meeting the legal requirements for establishing your company, as well as handling the filing of required state and federal documents to open your business right. Geared toward your satisfaction and success, Don Dillon and his professional staff will ensure that you are able to meet the state and federal statutes, maintain compliance, and open your business without a hitch. Count on Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, to get you off in the right direction from the very first step in creating your corporation.

Limited Liability Company

You have determined that a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most suitable structure for your company and Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach is there to guide your efforts in establishing all aspects of your company. As a hybrid between all three entities in business, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides you with a vast set of options for taxation and financing that is best understood through the professional, knowledgeable, and capable support of Don Dillon and his professional team of legal minds, brokers, and administrators. Don will personally discuss your advantage in establishing an LLC, as well as determining if you will remain a sole proprietorship, a partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp. Commitment to your dream of business ownership is what sets Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, ahead of the competition.

Don will investigate and discuss the  advantages of having an LLC, explain the ways in which you are able to protect your business, and meet the legal requirements to do business in Florida, while minimizing paperwork, countless hours of individual research, and the need for many legal assessments. Don Dillon, the best business broker in West Palm Beach, will guide you to the right professional for all areas of investment, legal counsel, raising capital, and ensuring that your company meets all of the legal requirements at the state and federal levels.  Don will consult with you and ensure that you understand the full ramifications of developing your LLC and both the advantages and disadvantages to be concerned with during your development phase of your business.

 We have a few select attorney’s we like to recommend depending upon a customers needs.  Please contact us and we can help determine a good adviser for your needs.

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