Immigration Services

Offering specialized Immigration Services and determining the most appropriate form of United States Visa for citizens of other countries, Don Dillon and his legal team will ensure work eligibility and proper citizenship papers are filed. All immigrants to the United States must meet specific criteria in order to establish legal residency or apply for a variety of temporary visas before working, buying and establishing a business, or filing for permanent resident status. Evaluating and determining eligibility, including being sponsored by a United States citizen, permanent United States lawful resident, or a prospective employer, our immigration services will help you to become established within the parameters of the law.  If you have any questions regarding our immigration services, please contact Don Dillon.  He’s here to help with any immigration service questions you may have.  This field is ever changing with many landmines and working with an quality Immigration attorney guides buyers through the process.

Becoming a United States Citizen

When you are becoming a United States citizen, be prepared for a 2-5 year process or more in establishing yourself as a legal resident, and consider the  five steps necessary in completing the process.

The first step is submitting your citizen application: Complete the application, get two passport sized photos, collect all the documents requested by the Department of State, double check that all the required documentation is completed, and then mail your application to the correct USCIS location.

The second step of the process requires you to obtain fingerprinting for a thorough background check.  Once you file the original documentation for part one of the process, USCIS will provide you with an acknowledgement letter confirming they have received your application, and requesting that you obtain your fingerprints and return, notarized, with the acknowledgement letter and any pertinent information.  Your scheduled date and location for fingerprinting will be established and designated by USCIS and printed in your acknowledgement letter. Upon completion of fingerprinting, return to USCIC at the address enclosed in the letter.

The third step in the process requires an ‘in person interview’ to be conducted by USCIS and identified via appointment letter with your scheduled date and location for the interview to take place. You will be required to bring proper identification (legal passport, driver’s license, proof of address, etc…) and any documents requested by  the USCIS office handling your case.  An interviewer will ask you questions about your application, your background, and the purpose of your application for citizenship/visa.  Answer the interviewer’s questions honestly and begin to prepare for the final step in your citizenship process.

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